How Beatiful Are The Feet

5-7 How Beautiful Are The Feet

One of the great passages on evangelism is Romans 10:12-18. I realize there is more to the context than these verses, but these say a great deal about evangelism. Consider these beautiful and thought provoking concepts:

  • The Lord is rich in his blessings to all that call upon Him. Brothers and sisters, we are “spreading the wealth” (to borrow a phrase often used in an unpopular way) when we spread the gospel. God has deposited the riches of salvation into an open account for the world. Let’s be more vocal in letting that be known than we would want someone to be toward us if it were riches in dollars that were being offered.
  • One of the things of which we are trying to convince people is that calling on the name of the Lord means obeying the Lord.

Whoever calls will be saved (v.13)                          but they have not all obeyed (v. 16)

They cannot call if they do not believe (v. 14)          because they have not believed (v. 16)

They cannot believe if they have not heard (v. 14)   they have all heard (v. 18)

  •  We need to send willing feet. We might look at this thought two ways. True, we should each strive to be involved in supporting missionaries. But we should also be a missionary, if only in our neighborhood or town. In the congregation you are in, are people being stirred up to go. Are you setting the example and encouraging other “beautiful feet” by setting the example.

Brothers and sisters, let’s spread the riches of God with our own beautiful feet. Go ye means go me.