Joseph Keeps Pure

Good morning. Our JG study today is from Gen. 39:2-23. It is taken from the life of Joseph. Almost every aspect of the character of Joseph serves as an example for us to mimic. After Joseph is sold to Potiphar as a slave, he serves long enough and well enough that Potiphar makes him overseer of the household and holdings. Verse six is of particular interest when it says that “Potiphar knew not ought that he had save the bread that he did eat.” In other words, Potiphar was not checking behind Joseph in any way. He fully trusted both his integrity and skill. May our own character be as trustworthy even if God is the only one who sees it.

This trustworthiness sets the stage for our lesson. Joseph is a young man, possibly just out of his teen years by this time. As all young men, he has all the desires of youth. But his dedication to God, and therefore, his loyalty to his master (Col. 3:22-24), is greater than any physical desire. When Potiphar’s wife made continual advances to him, he did not give in with any of the following thinking.

He could have thought, “No one will know. Potiphar does not even check behind me.” Instead, he said, “How can I do this great wickedness.”

He might have thought, “Once won’t hurt,” and committed adultery with her. Instead, he steadfastly turned her down.

He could have simply given in because he “needed” or “wanted” to so badly. Instead, he practiced self-control.

He could have justified himself by reasoning, “She is my boss too. I should do what she wants.” But God was his master.”

Brothers and sisters, there can never be a right reason to do wrong. Purity is to be maintained for a lifetime. Perhaps no desire (especially in men) is quite so immediate and strong as the sex drive, yet we can choose to control it. We can subject it to our passion to serve the Lord faithfully. Let’s be like Joseph.