Joshua Generation

In Judges 2:7, God indicates that his people stayed faithful to Him for two generations: all the days of Joshua and of the elders that outlived Joshua. The “Joshua Generation” program is about today’s generation serving God faithfully and actively, setting an example for the next generation. The goal is to develop our young men and young ladies for the future, while increasing the faith, leadership and teaching skills of our more mature men and women. Mom and Dad, it is about saving you and your children.

Every congregation of God’s people needs well-trained and willing teachers, personal evangelists and leaders. Many congregations find these people in short supply. From a biblical perspective, we must increase our motivation and improve the training of Christians.

One of the greatest strengths of the Joshua Generation is that its focus, developing the next generation of Christians, involves the entire present generation participating in life-changing Christian growth. The next generation will, without doubt, magnify either the weaknesses or strengths of today’s generation of God’s people. It is imperative that we strengthen the faith of our present generation if we wish to save the next.

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