The Conversion of Saul

5-4 The Conversion Of Saul

Go ye means go me!! Because the church was in its infancy in the first century record of conversions in the book of Acts, some have occasionally had difficulty drawing 20th C. principles from the 1st C. events. Today, let’s consider one of the better known conversions and some things it may teach us. Our text is Acts 9:1-20 and Acts 22:1-16.

  • Sometimes, those who seem to be bitter enemies of the truth can become faithful workers for God. Let’s be sure to give everyone the chance to study, for we do not know who will listen and who will not.
  • Events in life can change a closed heart into an open heart. Saul’s event was his miraculous encounter with the Lord on the road to Damascus. For many today, birth, death of loved ones, job changes, serious illness might be the catalyst that opens a heart. Or, something as simple as a kindness given (Matthew 5:16) might open a heart. For others, the life changing event might be nothing more than a request from you for them to study. Let’s be aware, when we can, of things going on in the lives of friends, neighbors and family.
  • Like every other person on earth, Saul heard the truth from another man (Acts 9:6). Whether we are reading the words of the apostles and writers of the N.T. or hearing those words through another person speaking, it will always be true that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17; John 6:45). This, brothers and sisters, is our strong motivation for “going.”
  • Despite good intentions for God (Acts 23:1; cf. Matthew 7:21-23), despite days of prayer (Acts 9:9-11), despite undeniable faith that he had met the Lord, Saul was not saved until he was baptized (Acts 22:11). Many are leaning in the direction that minimizes the importance of baptism, but the Bible is the standard that teaches we come into Christ and have our sins washed away in the obedient act of baptism (Gal. 3:26-27; Col. 2:11-12; Romans 6:3-4).
  • The newly saved can be the new teachers of the word of salvation (Acts 9:19-20). Let us all immediately begin sharing the truth with folks we know.