Unfriendly Nabal

The Unfriendly Nabal

Good morning. Our text today is 1 Sam. 25:1-36. David and 600 of his supporters are fleeing from Saul. David is avoiding engaging Saul in battle or harming him because Saul is God’s anointed king. Their provisions being low, David sends men to the house of Nabal to obtain food and water. Nabal is very unfriendly to them. He, who had abundance, did not even show common courtesy to the servants of David. There is no record that he offered them water, food or even a moment to sit down. To say it mildly, he was not friendly or hospitable. Hospitality is but an extension of friendliness. David and his men had been very friendly toward the shepherds of Nabal. They had been a protection to them at a time when thieves were common (25:15-16). Nabal did not even offer his thanks.

As you can see, friendliness has many facets. In friendliness, Nabal should have returned thanks. He should have shown hospitality. He should have had appreciation. There should have been kindness extended to these who were in momentary need. He ought to have helped with the request for help. Instead, there was a scowl and rebuke in his words. I am certain there was no friendly smile upon his face as he saw the young men of David approaching. As we know, Abigail saves the day in this event. When the servants spoke to her of what happened, she responded with kindness and provisions for David and his men.

While a nod of the head, a smile on the face and a greeting in the voice are all important outward signs of friendliness, the acts of hospitality, thanksgiving, kindness come from the heart where friendliness must start. Is your friendliness only outward, or would you extend your time, energy and, perhaps, money, to put friendliness into action? Remember, a friend loves at all times.

Have a thoughtful day and be called a friend of God. Mike