About the church of Christ

In the first century A.D. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, built His church made up of His people. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus left Heaven, came down to Earth and was crucified and resurrected, so that we can die, leave Earth and go to live with Him in Heaven forever. We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God and the wages of sin is death.  Jesus came here and suffered the penalty we should have so we could be forgiven of our sins  and have the hope of eternal life. The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is the author of salvation to all who are faithful and obey Him.

Christ’s church was not built with bricks and mortar. His church was made up of His faithful followers and disciples and they were identified as Christians. The New Testament scriptures teach us how the first century Christians lived and worshiped God. By using only the word of God,adding nothing to, nor taking anything away, we can learn how the faithful first century Christians lived acceptable lives before God. By patterning our lives and worship after the approved examples we read of in the New Testament we can be assured that we are living a pleasing life before our God.

We at the church of Christ at Seven Hills strive to be the same as the first century church of Christ. The Bible teaches us the doctrines and worship of men are vain and that we must seek God’s righteousness instead of our own. Our worship must be in spirit and in truth. We wear no man made names, we teach no man made doctrines, we participate in no man made worship, we have no creed but the Bible, striving to love and glorify God in both name and deed through diligent obedience to His will. We know that if we seek Biblical authority for all that we practice, believing what the first Christians believed, living how they lived, teaching only what they taught, and worshiping God how they worshiped, we can be today just what they were then; Christians only. By doing this, we are absolutely assured of living our lives in accordance with the will of God.

Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. The bible teaches that there is only one God and one faith. In a world filled with religious contradiction, it is hard for sincere people seeking the truth to know with certainty that they are on the right path. The first century Christians were the first ones to hear the gospel. They received their instructions directly from the source and were saved. Today, we have their instructions recorded for us in the New Testament. They followed in the footsteps of Jesus and found the pathway to eternal life. We can follow their path in the footsteps of Jesus and find our way to a home in heaven too. Eternity is forever and we only have this one life to live for Jesus Christ. When we pattern our faith and lives after those we know to be faithful Christians, we are assured beyond any doubt that we are walking the path that must be right and that can never fail.

We share a great joy in our hope in Jesus Christ and it is our sincere desire to share this joy with everyone. Jesus Christ came to save all who are lost and His salvation is offered to whosoever will. All are invited to come join our family in Christ and learn more of the Christians who make up the New Testament church of Christ. You can learn more about the New Testament church and who we are by visiting this website and reading the articles and listening to the audio recordings. You are also invited to attend our worship services. You will find us to be a loving and sincere group of Christians who seek only to serve God as God would have us and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all who would accept Him.