Jesus’ Compassion In Grieving

E-bulletin 2nd, 1-5  

There Is Always Time For Compassion

 Good morning. Our new memory verse is Psalm 86:15. Let’s continue to remember that compassion makes a difference. Please bring your attention briefly to the record of Matthew 14:12-14. This is the beginning of the account where Jesus feeds the five thousand. But, we want to notice the event that brought about this opportunity for the Lord. His disciples had just taken the body of the beheaded John and buried him. They came and reported the death to Jesus. Keep in mind that Jesus and John were cousins. Keep in mind that John had prepared the way for the salvation Jesus brought into the world. Keep in mind that John never wavered from his task, his faith or the truth. And, keep in mind that John died for preaching the truth.

 No wonder the text says that when Jesus heard of it, he departed to a desert place. This man who loved the wicked world so much that he would die for us, must have indeed loved John. He would have had much to contemplate and grieve about upon his death. The man of prayer would have wanted to talk with his Father about the recent events. His grieving was interrupted, but not by the great crowds who came out to be healed and helped by him. He might have simply ignored them for the day and remained in quietness and prayer. How many times in our life, when tragedy strikes, do we put everything on hold for a day or two? Family, the bill collectors, friends, yard work and job can all wait while we are making funeral arrangements or sitting at the hospital with a son, daughter or spouse.

No, it was not people who interrupted Him. His grieving was interrupted by his own compassion. The text says that Jesus went forth from where he was secluded, saw the multitude and was moved with compassion. He who should have been receiving compassion as He dealt with the death of John, was instead, so moved with compassion toward the people that he forgot his needs and started healing the people. Many of you who are caregivers by choice have experienced this same compassion and have moved to help people in the same way. May we all learn from this example that there is always time for compassion. Compassion makes a difference.