The Dangers of Instant Gratification

Perhaps the greatest endangerment to our society is known as instant gratification, and its most targeted audience are our youngest generations. Yes, those generations that will be guiding the future of the world. There will be some who don’t see this as a threat, but simply as a childish stage they’ll grow out of. There is nothing further from the truth. Instant gratification isn’t something that comes and goes, it is an addiction, one very much like crack cocaine. It swept our nation starting with the youngest prospects, and overnight became a disease that wasn’t limited to your age, sex or ethnicity.

Our Lord has modeled the exact opposite of instant gratification. The most important act in the history of the world was 4000 years of time in the preparation. Then finally, “when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son, made of a woman, made under the law” (Gal. 4:4). Only then, on the cross, would our Savior say, “It is finished.” The only truly urgent matter everywhere in the world is salvation. Yet our world, and often Christians, act as though salvation is a matter of little urgency. In every other thing, we want it NOW.

Technology has made the accomplishments of most things much faster. Don’t mail a letter, we can instant message. Don’t turn on the stove, we can microwave. Our cars are often valued on how fast they can go from 0 to 60. None of us want dial-up internet. We can borrow for the house of our dreams as newly married folks. Even as our children go down the grocery aisle or the Wal-mart aisle, they want the prospective purchase for them right now.

Please understand, there is nothing wrong with speed per se, but this constant need to get everything done faster has created a stir of impatience inside of us. We MUST get everything right away, why should we wait for it? In our prosperous and technologically advanced society, we can satisfy our need for speed in being satisfied. Some argue that instant gratification isn’t hurting us in any way. Let’s consider this: road rage is impatience; rudeness at the grocery counter is often impatience; anger and abuse directed at our mate or children is often impatience; premarital sex, unwanted babies and std’s are because people want instant gratification ; computer angst is impatience; Even many of the hurtful weight loss products on the market do well because they promise very quick results with very little effort. I bet you could list many other personal, family and societal ills that are a result of impatience.

I implore you to really use all of the information produced this month about patience. It is vital to our soul. Wait on the Lord.

Mike Glenn