Compassion Activities

Compassion Activities:

• Our great example, JESUS, was very compassionate. Use a concordance to find the references to compassion in the gospel accounts and read the accounts of the many times He was compassionate toward others and always acted.

• Without compassion there is no love. It is the natural result of love and the driving force behind mercy and forgiveness. Let your children, if you have them, see you as you are compassionate toward others; even those you have forgiven for hurts they have caused.

• Make a prayer list. Include yourself as you grow in compassion. Pray for help in finding opportunities to show compassion yourself and/or as a family.

• Compassion is the motivating factor in benevolence and in soul saving. Discuss those who could use a helping hand and how you can help them. Make a prospect list of those you want to develop a relationship with in order to teach them the gospel.

• Be aware of your children’s ability to be compassionate. Encourage and show appreciation for their compassionate actions toward others.

• Help your children put themselves in the other persons shoes. One must be in the position of another to have compassion for their situation. Children seem to have a great ability to be compassionate.

• Be watchful for opportunities to be compassionate and explain to your family why & what. (funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

• Compassion can be shown to new members or visitors to help them get acquainted. Encourage your children to be watchful of opportunities.

• Bring food for the pantry to help those in need.

• Encourage your children to be involved in church activities that help others.

• Let your children pick flowers for an elderly neighbor.

• Fix food for a shut-in together with your children and take it to them.

• Fill coin cans for the orphanage. Encourage your children to put in some their
own coins when possible.

• Befriend those who do not have friends.

• Buy a gift for the needy (holidays, birthday, or anytime).

• Show compassion for special workers in the church (elders, deacons, preachers, Bible class teachers, etc)

• Show compassion for your children. True compassion takes patience and understanding.

• Help your children to see opportunities to show compassion to those who have special needs.